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Computer Compatible Video Magnifiers

Powerful and Versatile Magnification

The small yet powerful ONYX® Swing-arm camera provides magnification up to 100x and is uniquely mounted on a swinging arm to provide you with three distinct views: distance, document, and self-views. Easily connects to any VGA monitor or NTSC TV for an affordable video magnification solution.

The 11 3/8-inch workspace under the camera provides the room you need to work on objects with your hands and tools. Use the Find Feature to aim at a distant object before zooming in. Auto Focus eliminates the need for constant refocusing as the viewing field changes.

The many features of the ONYX Swing-arm include:

  • Four high-contrast modes: color, inverse color, enhanced black on white, enhanced white on black
  • Brightness adjustments
  • Masking and Reading Lines
  • Find Feature
  • Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame
  • RF remote control
  • Detachable camera
  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply
  • Magnifies up to 100x, based on a 20-inch NTSC TV screen

Putting You in Control

Change the magnification, brightness, contrast, and tracking features with a unique and easy-to-use RF remote control.

Use Focus Lock to keep an object or document in focus when working or writing under the camera. There is no need to touch the camera once it has been set, and you don't even need to point the remote control at the camera as with an infrared remote control.

With the ONYX® Swing-arm PC Edition, your PC becomes a powerful vision tool that brings your digital world and physical world together seamlessly in an intuitive work environment. Work with a magnified PC screen and view magnified camera images at the same time.

Featuring a small but powerful camera that provides magnification up to 75x on a 15-inch screen, the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition creates clear magnified views of your documents and distant objects. It’s ideal for use in workplace environments and classroom situations. The ONYX camera moves quickly and easily back and forth between three distinct views: distance, document, and mirror image self-views. 

Complete View Management on Any PC

The ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition features USB connectivity to any PC and comes complete with Freedom Scientific’s MAGic® Screen Magnification Software with Speech. The addition of new MAGic EyeMerge® features means you get powerful distance and up close magnification, PC screen magnification, and the ability to customize, save, and manipulate images to maximize productivity when working with a PC, documents, and/or viewing a presentation or lecture.


The Many Features of the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition include:

  • Find Feature
  • Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame
  • RF remote control
  • Detachable camera
  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply
  • A compact, lightweight design that sets up and disassembles quickly for easy portability
  • Camera can be powered from a PC via two USB ports
  • Magnification up to 75x, based on a 15-inch screen


With MAGic EyeMerge, You Can:

  • Switch easily between magnified PC view and camera view
  • Create multiple split screen views
  • Change text and background colors
  • Capture images
  • Flip easily between multiple snapshots
  • Adjust contrast levels
  • Add masks to reduce glare
  • Add reading lines

Productivity in Overdrive

Increase your productivity by quickly capturing multiple snapshot views of a blackboard, for example, so that you can easily flip through them on your PC rather than constantly panning and readjusting the camera. Capture blackboard or presentation images before they are erased or removed and save them as your notes. 

The unique Position Sensor function retains your settings in each of the three modes — distance view, document view, and self-view — so there is no need to readjust the camera as you move from one view to another and back again.  

Total Fingertip Control

The easy-to-use RF remote control means there is no touching or jiggling the camera once it is aimed. And because the remote control does not need to be pointed at the camera — as is the case with a typical infrared remote control unit — ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition users have complete freedom of movement.

The Optelec TwinView is the first 24-inch full High Definition low vision monitor designed for students and professionals who work with a PC and also need magnification. The TwinView combines the images of a desktop vide magnifier, such as the Optelec ClearView+, and a PC simultaneously on one monitor with intelligent, fully automatic split-screen capability. With just a few user-friendly controls, productivity is improved by more overview, less toggling and advanced functionality.


  • 24-inch High Definition widescreen monitor with a matte screen finish
  • Adjustable magnification of 1X up to 95X and multiple high contrast viewing options (only with the ClearView+)
  • Automatically adjusts the horizontal or vertical split-screen position
  • Unique 178º wide viewing angle
  • Free-standing, height-adjustable flexible monitor stand for a more comfortable reading posture
  • Highest HD resolution image quality with split-screen (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Fast and responsive real-time split-screen (60 frames per second)
  • Easy-to-use large buttons with high contrast icons
  • Compatible w/ ZoomText (>v. 9.4) or SuperNova (>v. 11.50)
  • Option to mount to an off-the-shelf monitor arm or in-line with the ClearView+
  • Monitor weight: 14.8 lbs with stand; 8.8 lbs without stand
  • 3-year standard warranty

Combining near, self and distance viewing with a robust, portable and user-friendly design makes the Optelec ClearNote+ your ideal companion for the classroom, office and home. View the white board during a meeting, take notes from a lecture or read printed reports while simultaneously accessing information on a PC. This lightweight unit makes transportation convenient.


  • Continuous magnification of 1.7X to 57X (varies with screen size)
  • 3-in-1 camera for near, self and distance viewing
  • 18X optical zoom for superior functionality and image quality
  • Always-In-Focus™ technology ensuring crisp clear focus on every image
  • Full color, black and white, reverse and semi-color high contrast viewing modes
  • Picture-In-Picture™ software enables the viewing window to be positioned anywhere on the PC screen
  • Line markers and text windows
  • Compatible with ZoomText and SuperNova
  • Ability to save displayed screen
  • Integrates with laptop or VGA monitor through USB and VGA connections
  • 4-hour internal rechargeable battery (included)
  • PC compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Simple to set up and easily transportable with carrying case (included); weighs only 5.6 lbs.
  • 2-year standard warranty

Optelec ClearNote Portable is a powerful laptop magnification solution just like the ClearNote+, but streams power directly from a USB making it easier to transport. An ultra-flexible camera head rotates both vertically and horizontally, providing crisp and clear images from any distance. With a foldable and lightweight design, the ClearNote Portable is ideal for students or professionals in a classroom or meeting.


  • Continuous magnification of 4X to 40X (varies by screen size)
  • 3-in-1 camera for near, self and distance viewing or reading
  • 10X optical zoom for superior functionality and image quality
  • Full color, black and white, reverse and semi-color high contrast viewing modes
  • Picture-in-Picture™ software enables viewing window to be positioned anywhere on the PC screen
  • Compatible with ZoomText and SuperNova
  • Ability to save work on displayed screen to the computer
  • Operated by computer hotkeys or remote control for simple and easy adjustment of magnification, modes, auto focus and reading lines
  • Integrates with laptop or PC with USB connection; power streamed directly from USB
  • PC compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Extremely lightweight and portable at only 2.4 lbs
  • Simple set up and collapse; carrying case (included)
  • 2-year standard warranty



    Now it's easier than ever to stay productive. The Genie Pro combines a powerful magnifying viewer with your computer workstation. A split screen mode lets you view magnied materials and computer les simultaneously - or toggle between images using a button or optional foot pedal. Genie Pro's auto focus camera brings print, photos, charts and graphs into crisp, clear focus instantly. The system also automatically adjusts for each application's optimum resolution. The system is compatible with most color monitors and is easy to setup.

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