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Atlas 610 (camera only)

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 14:36 -- Anonymous
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Get back to the activities you love with the Atlas 610. V/'ith these full color magnication systems, you'll be able to read newspapers, magazines and books more comfortably, see labels and medicine bottles clearly, balance your checkbook - even do handicrafts. They are easy to set up and simple to use; and can truly help you regain your independence. The Atlas 610 systems will work with any TV I Monitor that has Savideo and NTSC input. The excellent image quality and contrast enable you to read without glare or reection, and the unique Color Select lets you choose a foreground and background color combination that meets your needs. The Atlas 610 has auto focus for easy reading and viewing 2D objetcs. Plus, there is a manual override for ne adjustment.