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Onyx OCR

Sun, 03/19/2017 - 15:34 -- webadmin

Onyx OCR

The ONYX OCR is a video magnifier for users who want to combine magnification and speech. The self-contained design integrates two cameras and a 24-inch touch screen monitor. It allows you to view a full letter page on screen, and to magnify materials up to 131 times.


The ONYX OCR combines the perks of several video magnifiers in one design. With this four-in-one solution, you can magnify text on your desk, write, work on hobbies, view images from a distance, view yourself, and even listen to documents as they are read aloud! You can comfortably switch between reading magnified text and listening to documents. Just place your document under the fixed OCR camera on the left side of the magnifier, tap the touch screen and enjoy listening to the text, without straining your eyes.



·         Four-in-one video magnifier with two separate cameras for distance, document, self-view and OCR functionality

·         Flexible camera to observe objects across the rooms or auditoriums in sharp focus (distance view), to magnify documents such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels and craft projects (document view), and to get magnified true mirror image (self-view)

·         Convenient fixed position OCR camera to listen to documents effortlessly – always place the document in the same place

·         Touch screen monitor: Tap the screen to begin reading at any point and from any place in the document


·         Displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout