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Onyx Swing-Arm Camera

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 14:36 -- Anonymous

Powerful and Versatile Magnification

The small yet powerful ONYX® Swing-arm camera provides magnification up to 100x and is uniquely mounted on a swinging arm to provide you with three distinct views: distance, document, and self-views. Easily connects to any VGA monitor or NTSC TV for an affordable video magnification solution.

The 11 3/8-inch workspace under the camera provides the room you need to work on objects with your hands and tools. Use the Find Feature to aim at a distant object before zooming in. Auto Focus eliminates the need for constant refocusing as the viewing field changes.

The many features of the ONYX Swing-arm include:

  • Four high-contrast modes: color, inverse color, enhanced black on white, enhanced white on black
  • Brightness adjustments
  • Masking and Reading Lines
  • Find Feature
  • Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame
  • RF remote control
  • Detachable camera
  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply
  • Magnifies up to 100x, based on a 20-inch NTSC TV screen

Putting You in Control

Change the magnification, brightness, contrast, and tracking features with a unique and easy-to-use RF remote control.

Use Focus Lock to keep an object or document in focus when working or writing under the camera. There is no need to touch the camera once it has been set, and you don't even need to point the remote control at the camera as with an infrared remote control.