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Onyx Swing-Arm PC Camera

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 14:36 -- Anonymous

With the ONYX® Swing-arm PC Edition, your PC becomes a powerful vision tool that brings your digital world and physical world together seamlessly in an intuitive work environment. Work with a magnified PC screen and view magnified camera images at the same time.

Featuring a small but powerful camera that provides magnification up to 75x on a 15-inch screen, the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition creates clear magnified views of your documents and distant objects. It’s ideal for use in workplace environments and classroom situations. The ONYX camera moves quickly and easily back and forth between three distinct views: distance, document, and mirror image self-views. 

Complete View Management on Any PC

The ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition features USB connectivity to any PC and comes complete with Freedom Scientific’s MAGic® Screen Magnification Software with Speech. The addition of new MAGic EyeMerge® features means you get powerful distance and up close magnification, PC screen magnification, and the ability to customize, save, and manipulate images to maximize productivity when working with a PC, documents, and/or viewing a presentation or lecture.


The Many Features of the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition include:

  • Find Feature
  • Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame
  • RF remote control
  • Detachable camera
  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply
  • A compact, lightweight design that sets up and disassembles quickly for easy portability
  • Camera can be powered from a PC via two USB ports
  • Magnification up to 75x, based on a 15-inch screen


With MAGic EyeMerge, You Can:

  • Switch easily between magnified PC view and camera view
  • Create multiple split screen views
  • Change text and background colors
  • Capture images
  • Flip easily between multiple snapshots
  • Adjust contrast levels
  • Add masks to reduce glare
  • Add reading lines

Productivity in Overdrive

Increase your productivity by quickly capturing multiple snapshot views of a blackboard, for example, so that you can easily flip through them on your PC rather than constantly panning and readjusting the camera. Capture blackboard or presentation images before they are erased or removed and save them as your notes. 

The unique Position Sensor function retains your settings in each of the three modes — distance view, document view, and self-view — so there is no need to readjust the camera as you move from one view to another and back again.  

Total Fingertip Control

The easy-to-use RF remote control means there is no touching or jiggling the camera once it is aimed. And because the remote control does not need to be pointed at the camera — as is the case with a typical infrared remote control unit — ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition users have complete freedom of movement.