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At Work

Remember reading for pleasure With the Aladdin Classic, you can return to activities you enjoy most-reading books and writing letters even doing close handwork. The oversized reading tray accommodates newspapers, magazines, even large photo albums. Plus, with magnication to 50X, ' you'll be able to attend to personal business like viewing medicine bottles and balancing your checkbook.

The Optelec ClearReader+ Advanced includes the Optelec ClearReader+ and Magnification Feature Pack. The Magnification Feature Pack expands the functionality of the Optelec ClearReader+ scanning and text-to-speech reading device, and now offers electronic video magnifier and document saving capabilities. By the press of a button, low vision users can both view and/or listen to scanned or saved text instantly and simultaneously with user-friendly controls.

Connect the Optelec ClearReader+ to any VGA monitor, TV or video magnifier and select your preferred high contrast color and text magnification using the Magnification Feature Pack. View photos and save important documents on a SD memory card or USB flash drive for later reference.

You can also use the Magnification Feature Pack and ClearReader+ with voice-only menu options. Blind users will be able to utilize the intuitive interface control to hear documents read aloud with preferred settings, and save materials with expandable memory options. 

The Optelec ClearReader+ Advanced combines ease of use, video magnification, high quality multilingual speech output, and fast text-to-speech recognition technology with an attractive portable design. The Optelec ClearReader+ Magnification Feature Pack is also available separately for existing ClearReader+ users. 


  • Modern design with a retro look and feel
  • Quality of sound
  • Excellent OCR performance on difficult brochures, flyers and newspaper columns
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Battery operated up to 5 hours
  • Modularity and ability to upgrade as technology advances
  • No fan for less noise and quiet when in use
  • Multiple languages integrated

Key Features

  • 4 pre-selected reading voices (US Samantha, US Tom, Mexican Spanish Paulina, Canadian French Julie)
  • 42 total different voices available, in 29 languages with 3 in American English and 2 in Spanish
  • Photo and text mode (column and line view)
  • 12 selectable high contrast colors
  • Up to 16 X magnification of the original document
  • 3 menu options (advanced, basic, voice-only)
  • 2 font options (Arial and Verdana)
  • Save text, photos or books
  • Expandable memory on SD card or USB drive
  • 3 saving options (save without voice label, save with voice label, save book)
  • 2 word highlight options (block or box)

Read the fine print anytime, anywhere! Pico fits in your purse or pocket, and the integrated battery makes it easy to carry wherever you go. With Pico, you can even read in dimly-lit areas. Pico offers yellow on blue and positive text modes to accommodate specic vision needs. The bright display and viewing angle provide precise viewing and comfortable positioning. Created for convenience, Pico adds to Telesensory's line of portable video magniers. Pico is so small you will always want it with you shopping for greeting cards, looking at price tags in stores and reading food ingredients in the supermarket. Easily view three-dimensional objects such as pill bottles on Pico's built-in color display. Fold-down legs allow you to vary magnication, write and sign checks and tilt the screen toward you for reading.

This powerful portable magnifier gives you the power of a desktop video magnifier, with the freedom of a portable product. Olympia provides maximum flexibility and control including a wide range of magnification settings, adjustable brightness, and a tilted screen to reduce glare. Enjoy hours of reading for work, school or pleasure on the built-in 7" display. You'll want to keep the versatile Olympia with you at home or while traveling. Experience even greater magnification levels by connecting Olympia to any compatible TV monitor. And, we've included a writing stand so you can easily fill out forms, complete homework, and write letters and checks.

Our wide screen view and tilted screen make it easier to read and write in a variety of circumstances. Choose color, positive or negative text, or yellow on blue viewing mode and adjust brightness to meet your visual needs. There is no assembly or set up requited. With the carrying case, battery pack, and optional car charger you can take it anywhere.

ZoomText Magnifier is an advanced screen magnification program that enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen, making your computer easier to see and use. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on the computer screen.

Simple talking computers for people with sight loss

Quicklook is a unique and innovative solution that has captured the imagination of the global low vision commu- nity. Remarkably intuitive to use, simply flip the camera open and start reading price tags in a shop or a timetable in a station. Signing a cheque is ingeniously facilitated by simply flipping the camera into its writing position. If regular print is too small then Quicklook is here to help.

The new Prisma AF (Auto Focus) introduces a new level of simplicity and ease of use, with the integration of full autofocus technology to the Prisma product line. Now you can enjoy a broad range of magnification levels and a premium image quality with the touch of a button. Simple to connect and intuitive to use, its discrete design and light weight [less than 1.3 Kg or 2.8 pounds], means it can be easily moved or relocated in a position to best suit your needs. The advanced image processing from ASH enhances the image quality to deliver a welldefined and smoothly magnified image in a variety of modes. Having premium image quality decreases eye fatigue, so you can read more quickly and comfortably for longer periods of times. Reading and writing are so easily achieved with this simple and robust design. Hobbies that had become too difficult to maintain can once more be enjoyed with the Prisma AF.

Blending award winning design and new technology, the Eclipse Touch delivers another 'world first' with the integration of touch screen to its compact desktop range. This unique product is intuitive and simple to use. The crisp image quality and its high reading speed technology is achieved with Ash's unique blend of premium electronics, optics and patented product design. Personal preferences can be simply chosen to suit your specific needs through the new touch screen controls. Move the unit around with unrivalled ease with its compact folding and lightweight design. There is no assembly or set up configuration required! Full color and continuous auto focus with semi-colors, line-markers and overview mode, the Eclipse is a powerful performer in the home, work, or educational environment. The Eclipse Touch has an integrated 15" high brightness, high contrast TFT display that is ergonomically positioned at optimum head height for comfortable reading.

The Presto is Ash Technologies entry level desktop video magnification unit. The compact design is structured around simplicity, mobility and ergonomics for the user. The Presto is ready to go from the moment it is out of the box. Designed with our customers' needs in mind, its uncomplicated design and intuitive function buttons, make the Presto the perfect companion for both young and old. The Presto also has an optional hard travel case which not only makes it easy to travel with, but also keeps your Presto safe and secure.

The Presto is a fully integrated unit with a small footprint that is easy to fold up and store making it easily transportable from home to office, classroom to classroom, or even if you have a second home - weighing only 21 pounds. There is a simple 4 button keyboard configuration - power on/off, brightness, zoom, and image mode. The monitor is a high brightness 15' TFT LCD with high speed reading optics and technology.


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