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On the Go

The lightweight TOPAZ® PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video magnifier but folds away like a laptop. With auto-focus, a wide magnification range, intuitive controls, six default and 27 customizable high-contrast color modes, and adjustable reading lines and masks, the new TOPAZ PHD offers the freedom to independently read and view the details that matter in the home, office, classroom, or on the go.


  • Brilliant image quality that is easy to read at all magnification levels with magnification to 31 times (on a 15-inch monitor; up to 24 times on a 12-inch monitor)
  • Lightweight, collapsible, portable design
  • Choice of monitor sizes: 12-inch or 15-inch
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Six default and 27 configurable screen color modes for a total of 33
  • Document reading and self-viewing modes
  • Over 9 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Adjustable reference lines and masks to easily keep your place and reduce glare
  • Find function to quickly zoom out, locate the next area of interest, and zoom back in
  • SD Card slot to quickly store images
  • USB PC connectivity when used with GEM® software



  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • XY table for a smooth gliding motion while you read


The Optelec Compact 4 HD is the first High Definition video magnifier that uniquely combines all the benefits of a hand-held and dome magnifier in a single design for a comfortable reading experience.

Use in combination with the detachable magnetic stand, and the Compact 4 HD’s special soft-touch coating is easy to grip and slides effortlessly over letters, books, magazines and photographs at an angled raised position. Without the stand, it becomes a pocket-sized, thin and lightweight magnifier for use on the go. Adjust the display settings to meet your specific needs by using the special large icon menu.


  • Two parts incorporated in a single design and consisting of a viewer and detachable magnetic stand
  • Continuous magnification of 1.7X to 12X
  • High Definition auto-focus camera for superior images and intuitive reading
  • 4.3-inch full color TFT widescreen display
  • High contrast viewing modes for easier reading (set up to 4 combinations from a possible choice of 16)
  • Angled screen for comfortable viewing (when positioned on the detachable stand)
  • Designed to move smoothly over reading materials or hold for use on the go
  • Innovative LED lighting design for even illumination
  • Snapshot function with audio indication sounds
  • Large icon settings and information menu
  • 3-hour continuous use rechargeable battery; large icon battery status
  • Portable and lightweight at only:
    • Viewer: 8.7 ounces
    • Viewer with stand: 13.6 ounces
  • Dimensions:
    • Viewer: 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches
    • Viewer with stand: 5.1 x 3.7 x 2.9 inches
  • 2-year standard warranty


    The ZoomText Large Print Keyboard is designed for anyone who struggles to see the lettering on their keyboard. The new ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard makes typing faster and easier than ever before. Each key and button label is easy to see, even in low light, thanks to its 36-point text and choice of high-contrast color schemes: "Black-on- Yellow" or "White-on-Black".

    The ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard also provides quick access to ZoomText features. Eighteen dedicated buttons allow you to instantly start ZoomText, change magnification levels, toggle screen enhancements, launch AppReader and DocReader, and more, all without having to memorize hotkeys. You can even reassign each feature key to your choice of ZoomText commands, Internet and multimedia commands, or to open an application, document or web page.

    ZoomText Magnifier is an advanced screen magnification program that enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen, making your computer easier to see and use. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on the computer screen.

    Simple talking computers for people with sight loss

    The Optelec MultiView is a transportable, multipurpose video magnifier for document reading, distance and self-viewing with a versatile 3-in-1 flexible camera. The MultiView is designed to fit conveniently on any workstation and allows for simple transit and easy storage using the integrated handle. Users can focus on a wide range of activities including reading, writing, hobbies, needlework, or painting. Alternatively, tilt and rotate the camera for self-viewing grooming, or for distance viewing around the room.



    • Adjustable magnification of 3.5X to 79X
    • 19-inch full color wide screen
    • Flexible 3-in-1 camera for near, self or distance viewing
    • Multiple high contrast viewing modes and adjustable brightness
    • Tilt-and-swivel stable camera head for left and right-handed use
    • Transportable and simple to set-up
    • Ultra-slim, smooth gliding XY reading table for increased reading speed and comfort
    • Auto-focus camera and focus lock for writing or hobbies
    • User-friendly, intuitively located control panel with high contrast buttons
    • Protective, travel case with wheels (sold separately)
    • Weight: 27.5 lbs. without case; 40.4 lbs. with case
    • 2-year standard warranty

    The Optelec Compact+ portable video magnifier is the perfect combination of sophisticated design and functionality. Take the Compact+ on the go to read price labels, maps, bus schedules, directions and your favorite restaurant menus. Portable and lightweight for the active individual, magnify your text and images with ease and convenience.


    • One-button simplicity control
    • Adjustable magnification of 5X, 7.5X and 10X
    • 4.3-inch widescreen full-color display
    • Five high contrast viewing options available
    • Snapshot / freeze frame mode
    • Adjustable center camera for reading or quick writing
    • Collapsible handle for comfortable reading convenience
    • Portable and lightweight at only 10.6 oz.
    • Leather carrying case (included)
    • Available in six different colors
    • 3-hour rechargeable AA battery pack (included)
    • 2-year standard warranty

    Discover the power of using an ultra-slim electronic video magnifier. The Optelec Compactmini is the smallest and lightest electronic video magnifier offered by Optelec, designed as a simple and effective, high contrast alternative to a traditional optical magnifier. Read medicine labels, airline tickets, restaurant menus or price tags; the Compactmini delivers convenience in a modern, pocket-sized solution.



    • Adjustable magnification of 2X, 5X, 8X, and 11X
    • 3.5-inch full color screen
    • Multiple high contrast viewing options
    • Stored personal settings
    • Pocket-sized, lightweight at only 4.7 oz.
    • Centrally positioned camera for intuitive reading
    • Reading stand for steading reading position
    • Snapshot / freeze frame mode
    • Protective carrying case and wrist strap (included)
    • 3-hour rechargeable battery; auto-shut off to retain battery life
    • 2-year standard warranty

    Experience a revolutionary breakthrough in electronic hand-held low vision technology with the Optelec Compact 5 HD portable video magnifier. Lightweight, always in focus and easy to use, the Compact 5 HD offers two different ergonomic reading positions. In High Definition, you can now read from glossy magazines, letters, displays or price tags in both the lowest and widest continuous magnification range available. To meet your specific needs, each low vision setting can be customized and saved through a special large icon menu. A true replacement of the traditional optical magnifier.



    • Continuous magnification of 1.5X to 18X
    • 8 megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera for sharp, clear image quality
    • 5-inch High Definition widescreen display
    • Two ergonomic positions: Closed for on-the-go, or raised screen for perfect angle and a steady position
    • 4 times increased field of view compared to traditional electronic hand-held magnifiers
    • 3 times higher resolution quality in all magnification levels
    • Patented indirect camera lighting system to eliminate glare when reading glossy materials
    • Large icon menu to save user settings
    • 16 high contrast viewing modes and adjustable brightness
    • Snapshot/freeze frame with continuous zoom capability
    • Portable and lightweight at only 10.4 oz.
    • 3-hour rechargeable battery; large icon battery status
    • Leather carrying case and wrist strap (included)
    • 2-year standard warranty

    The Optelec Compact 7 HD is the newest, truly portable 7-inch widescreen electronic video magnifier with High Definition image quality, extreme simplicity and an attractive style. Integrating the largest screen available in the Optelec Compact product family, it is still small enough to easily carry from one location to another.

    The high contrast widescreen provides an increased field of view and the ability to see even more of the material compared to traditional portable magnifiers. You can rely on the ultra sharp High Definition and Auto-Focus camera with a patented LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination to deliver the best available image quality. Reading newspapers, letters or viewing photos anywhere at home, in the office, at school or on holiday is easier than ever!


    • Continuous magnification of 2X - 24X
    • 7-inch High Definition full color TFT widescreen display
    • Immediate reading with “one-touch” to open and power on
    • 4-hour continuous use rechargeable battery; large icon battery status
    • Patented indirect camera LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination
    • 8-megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera
    • Large icon settings and information menu to save user settings
    • Adjustable brightness with full color photo mode and 16 high contrast color combinations
    • Two reading positions
    • Snapshot function with audio indication sounds
    • Carrying case, wrist strap and a microfiber screen cleaning cloth
    • Portable and lightweight at only 1.4lbs (22.6 oz.)
    • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches
    • 2-year standard warranty


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